"My mind is going a mile an hour"

It's me, Hi.

I'm Bailey!

Hey hey! AH, I'm so glad you're here!! As much as I really hate writing these thingys, I know there's someone out there who wants to read a little bit about the person they're considering to capture the special moments in their life, and soooo here we go!

As mentioned above, I'm Bailey! I'm a wedding + portrait photographer based in Birmingham, AL but I'm always down to travel just about anywhere! I have a documentary style approach. I love capturing the authentic moments, and real emotions. The laughter, tears, and shots that make you look back on your day, and not only view the images but reallllly feel them, too.

When I'm not out taking pics or editing, you can most likely find me at an antique store, a concert, or Universal (The Hagrid ride is the best ride there, you already know!)

I love what I do, and I fall more in love with it every day.

If you're looking for a fun time on your special day, with chill vibes and a built in Spotify account that's always got a tune on her mind, then I'm your gal!

I'm a professional cat mom

Me + Marcel (Name from Friends)

Me + Tuna (Name from The Office)

Me + Dart (Name from Stranger Things)

All about the behind the scenes moments´╗┐

I've been told that I hold my camera weird... what y'all think?

Just out here doing my thing, Halloween Horror Nights hoodie and all.

Emily poppin off. I had a really cute fit this day. Not as cute as hers obvi.

Just a few facts...

  • My comfort shows are Stranger Things, The Office + Friends.(As you can probably gather from my cats names)
  • I love going to Universal! It's a bit of a problem how often I'm there, but it's my happy place.
  • I am almost always listening to music and I love going to concerts! Some of my favorite artists include: Taylor Swift, Nightly, Harry Styles, The 1975, LANY, The Band Camino, 5 Seconds of Summer + sooo many more I could go on for hours. (I literally make a new playlist for every month)
  • A cold Dr. Pepper is the key to my heart.
  • I love thrifting. My house is full of vintage pieces. I'm a mid century modern kinda gal.
  • Italian food? Ohhhhhh baby count me in!!!